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(Skin test required at least 48 hours before service)


In addition to the Professional colour ranges of L'Oreal and Wella we offer the Danish Organic Brand 'Natulique' which is 'Vegan friendly' :


100% Ammonia Free

100% Lauryl Sulphate Free

100% Parabens Free

Contains only 0.04% PPD which means the colours give

100% grey coverage

98.02% derived from natural sources

Cruelty free - No Animal Testing


Eating organic, using organic products, organic farming, organic lifestyle - a hot topic.

Q.  Is it possible to colour your hair with only organic ingredients?

A.  NO.  If you're looking for 100% organic hair coloour, it simply does not exist.


BUT you can choose a colour which uses the least amount of chemicals.  We have selected 'Natulique', which we believe offers the gentlest, kindest solution to achieving a beautiful finish, using certified organic ingredients with fewer chemicals and better functionality than any other brand.



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